Mohammad Bin Noah.

By the Grace of Allah, the absence of a reliable Masjid has not hampered our efforts in providing the community with a Madrasah for their children. Due to lack of funds, the location of the madrasah is currently limited to the spare rooms in the Islamic Bookshop Coventry, however the well structured curriculum and policies have led to a growing number of parents choosing to send their children to Madrasah Muhammad bin Noah; there is now no physical space for more students and parents are being requested to add their children names on the waiting list! In addition to the madrasah, we also offer workshops for local children to further their knowledge of Islam. The children are taught the basic pillars of Islam, essential fiqh and Islamic morals and manners. These classes have been a great tool in nurturing the children correctly.

Muhammad bin Noah?

The name of our Madrasah was selected for us by

Shaykh Waseeullah al-Abbaas.

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