Madrasah YouthClub Other

Madrasah YouthClub Other


Salah Jummah

Salah Jummah

Jummah 1:30pm

Ramadhan Taraweeh Eid

Ramadhan Taraweeh Eid

First Taraweeh 10-03-24 First Fast 11-03-24

Eid Ul Fitr

Wednesday 10th April 2024

Location: Fisher Park
cv6 5jd

Time: 8:00am

Men / Women / Children

Please remember to bring your Prayer Mats.

If weather is not suitable for you.

Please pray at home:
2 units

1st unit 7 Takbir / Fatiha / surah.

2nd unit 5 Takbir / Fatiha / surah.

May Allaah accept it from us and you.


Inshallaah just a reminder:
Jumah Khutbah 1:30pm today
Sisters to arrive between 1:00-1:15pm

Jazak Allaah khairn
Admin @IBSC

Ramadhan Update: 1st April 2024

1- No Pushchairs Or Wheelchairs In Prayer Area.

2- The Above Must Be Folded And Packed And Placed In Hall (Space Is Provided).

3- Please Keep Your Belongings With You (Keys / Phones).

4-Do Not Park On Pavement Shop Side.

Jazak Allaahu Khairn For Your Co-operation

Ramadhan Calendar 2024

Insha Allaah Ramadhan Announcement

First Taraweeh Sunday 10th March 2024

First Fast Monday 11th March 2024

May Allaah accept all of our Fasting Prayers and all good Deeds.


Eid Day TBA

Taraweeh At Islamic Bookshop Coventry 801 Foleshill Road CV6 5HS 8:15pm (First 20) Then 9:30pm Men And Women Welcome

Wudhu Facilities For Sisters Only

Jazak Allaahu khairn